Robotic Logistics System for Sterilization

Smart Robotic system working in synchronization for dismantling packaging materials and transport of Pharmaceutical and food containers on to feeding machine. System replaces manual operation and take plant capacities to next level.

Synergies are drawn between Robotic programming, pneumatic systems and servos to achieve state of art Automation as per Industry 4.0 with high degree of accuracy, reproducibility and stabile output.

    Ø Excellent stacking of finished goods, auto collation into trays for sterilization process. Application can be employed to transport oral liquid bottles, ampoules, vials, large infusion bottles etc.

    Ø Flexible design for safe transport of bottles minimizing scratches and breakage.

    Ø Advanced and efficient transportation with zero manual intervention while maintaining high degree of aseptic conditions.

    Ø Multiple levelsafety standards are employed to protect workplace safety.

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