Information System
Intelligent information system

The intelligent pharmaceutical factory is a new type of factory for intelligent production based on high-end intelligent complete sets of equipment and robots and advanced technologies such as Internet of things, information system and big data analysis. To meet the production and operation of flexible, efficient, high quality, safety, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. Moreover, the whole life cycle of drugs can be traced by relying on the enterprise cloud platform and the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain such as suppliers and customers.

Intelligent pharmaceutical factory is composed of five functional modules: intelligent storage and logistics system, digital API workshop, automatic liquid distribution and packaging workshop, robot packaging workshop and information center. With the information system as the core of production and operation, and the automated logistics system as the link, the whole process of drug production is highly integrated to realize the intelligent operation of the whole factory.

With the cloud platform as the carrier, the information center seamlessly connects MES, WMS, QMS, LIMS, ERP, KPI, APS and other business systems to provide customers with digital operation solutions and build a transparent factory.

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