Diagnostic Reagent Filling System
Diagnostic reagent filling system

It is mainly used for filling and sealing for reagent bottles and other products 

 (IVD) industry. It can automatically complete bottle feeding, filling, film covering, aluminum film sealing and other processes suitable for filling, aluminum film sealing of single-chamber or multi-chamber hard plastic bottles and glass bottles (irregular-shape bottles, standard bottles).

    Ø Adopts SIT synchronous belt to transfer reagent kits, with precise positioning, no damage to the kit.

    Ø Adopts servo to lift the needle, so that the distance of needle from liquid level is controllable, and the liquid foam can be prevented.

    Ø Optional before weighing and after weighing module, which can realize all weighing for multi-chamber filling.

    Ø Optional various filling methods such as glass pump, plunger pumps, peristaltic pump, and rotary valve ceramic pump, suitable for all kinds of specifications.

    Ø Adopts PT100 thermal resistance to measure temperature, with the resolution of 0.1 ℃.The combination of PID high accuracy algorithm and dynamic compensation temperature control has high precision and stable sealing.

    Ø Adopts multi-step to form aluminum film, servo electric cylinder to grab and drop aluminum film, with excellent positioning accuracy for sealing.

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