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Jun 25, 2020

Flextron series Nest Fillers

Flextron series reaches epitome of excellence with modular design to process nested containers as Vials – PFS – Cartridge in one unit, offering flexibility to process various ready-to-use containers in compact combination solution. Being technology leader in Aseptic fill finish lines, Truking offers its state-of-art equipment complying to strictest of regulations as GAMP, cGMP, US FDA, EuGMP etc.

Excellent ergonomic design enables customers to do quick product change-overs to cater dynamic market demand in turn saving huge capex investments and plant overheads, indeed a blessing for CDMO’s and Biologics pharmaceutical companies.

Highly flexible platform fillers can be integrated with semi to fully automatic versions to match customer requirement with ability to handle wide range of Nest and tubs and can be integrated with In house Barrier system up to OEL 5 as Isolators, C-Rabs, O-rabs.


1.Flextron series combination solutions for nested containers with compact modular design with capacity up to 15000 units/hour.

2.Three types of container processing in one unit – Vials, PFS & Cartridge ensuring flexibility to match dynamic market demand.

3.Wide range of dosing technologies from Peristaltic and rotary pumps (SS/Ceramic).

4.Intelligent Drug recovery system, minimizing product wastage through one touch operation for product recovery at start, during and end minimizing product loss – key for CDMO’s & Biotech companies.

5.In process weigh control and efficient product transfer solutions.

6.Excellent Robotic nest transfer system as per clean room requirements.

7.Single point fabrication for barrier system up to OEL 5 – Isolators, C-Rabs, o-Rabs.

8.Vacuum stoppering technique with effective control of residual oxygen level as per pharmaceutical standards.

9.Control system 21 part 11 compliance as per latest GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

10.Online CIP-SIP ensuring minimum manual interventions and shorter downtime.

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