Plunger rod insertion and labeling machine

PPL12 is mainly used for automatic plunger rod labeling after pre-filled syringe filling and sealing hammer. After matching with PSHK300 automatic needle tube de-nesting machine, it can complete the functions of needle tube de-nesting, push rod feeding, screw rod, labeling and other functions simultaneously. The total production capacity can reach more than 200 per minute. PPL12 is an all-in-one packaging equipment designed for the increasingly popular pre-filled needle tube packaging process. It can complete the labeling and screwing of the filled needle tube; It is equipped with PSHK300 automatic needle tube de-nesting machine for automatic feeding.

    Ø The whole bracketis disengaged from the nest, the shock disk push rod is used for feeding, the star disk mechanism screw rod and labeling.

    Ø Equipped with electrical components of well-known brands in Europe, America and Japan to ensure quality.

    Ø The high-speed servo main drive labeling device, the diamond roller is durable and wear-resistant, ensuring the labeling accuracy and stable labeling effect.

    Ø The auxiliary function configuration can be selected according to the actual production situation of the customer, which can be operated online or separately.

    Ø In addition tobasic functions, the device can be equipped with online label printing unitssuch as coding, coding, laser coding, TTO, etc., and can also be equipped with missing labeling, missing coding, error detection, missing torsion bardetection and automatic rejection Units, etc ..

    Ø The equipment can be directly connected to the following packaging equipment, blister, cartoning, package, electronic supervision code, packing, palletizing, and finished product storage in one integrated solution.

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