Multifunctional Extraction Tank Series-Natural Circulation Dynamic Type

This equipment is a general equipment designed for the extraction of plants, animals or minerals in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries; It has a wide range of adaptability, and it can be carried out such operations as frying, warm immersion, forced cyclic extraction, reflux extraction, aromatic oil extraction and separation, and organic solvent recovery according to equipment configuration and production process requirements of products.

    Ø The specially designed bottom heating form, TRUKING's patented product, heats up 2 to 3 times faster than the traditional extraction tank, and the extraction liquid auto-circulates in the tank that completely solved the long-term malpractice of non-uniform temperature in the extraction tank and achieved dynamic extraction and high extraction efficiency.

    Ø The waste exhaust door is pneumatically controlled and equipped with a safety self-locking device (TRUKING patent). The waste exhaust door will not open even in gas off or power off, is safe and reliable.

    Ø The strainer of the waste exhaust door adopts arch structure, which has good strength and large filtration area, and the extraction liquid passes through quickly,  and not easy to block.

    Ø The new type of demister (TRUKING patent)can effectively prevent the dangers caused by the foam rushing during the extraction process. Removable structure, easy to clean.

    Ø New feeding port design (TRUKING patent), effectively prevent the damage of the tank from the heavier-density medicinal materials during the feeding process, and prevent the "dry material" phenomenon caused by the accumulation of the medicinal materials on one side ofthe tank after feeding.

    Ø New side-discharge structure, easy todisassemble, self cleaning.

    Ø Aromatic oil distillation with good extraction effect and high yield.

    Ø Double-pass design of condenser with good condensation effect.

    Ø The oil-water separator with visual design can collect and separate heavy oil and light oil online.

    Ø CIP for the entire system.

    Ø In addition to normal pressure extraction, pressurized liquid extraction and vacuum extraction can also be performed.

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