Ultrasonic Extraction Tank Series

This product is suitable for ultrasonic extraction of materials in traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, food and cosmetics industries.

    Ø Low extraction temperature: The optimal temperature for ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is 40-60 ℃, which has a protective effect on the active ingredients in medicinal materials that are unstable to heat, prone to hydrolysis or oxidation.
    Ø Short extraction time: Ultrasound can strengthen the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, usually the best extraction rate can be obtained within 24-40 minutes, and the extraction time is greatly shortened by more than 2/3 compared with traditional methods.
    Ø Wide adaptability: Ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is not limited by the polarity and molecular weight of the ingredients, and is suitable for the extraction of most types of Chinese medicinal materials and various ingredients.
    Ø High extraction efficiency: The unique physical characteristics of ultrasonic waves promote the breaking or deformation of plant cell tissues, so that the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine can be better fully extracted, and the extraction rate is significantly increased by 50-500% compared with traditional processes.
    Ø The extraction liquid has few impurities and the active ingredients are easy to separate and purify.
    Ø The extraction process has low operating cost and significant comprehensive economic benefits.
    Ø The operation is simple and easy, and the equipment is easy to maintain.

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