Auxiliary System

Including online cleaning station, temperature control unit, waste liquid inactivation system,etc.

    Online cleaning system CIP

    Ø It can provide online cleaning stations with different configurations according to usage. The operation isstable, safe and accurate.

    Ø According to the quantity, characteristics and production schedule of cleaning objects, we can provideno-tank, single-tank, double-tank, multi-tank cleaning stations.

    Ø According to customer plant layout and control requirements, the cleaning stations can be controlled individually orintegratedly.

    Ø Automatic preparation of cleaningliquid, automatic temperature control, automatic determination of cleaning endpoint, liquid level alarm, etc.

    Ø Flexible formula management functions, electronic signatures, electronic records and audit trails.

    Temperature control unit

    Ø Temperature control units with different configurations enables stable, safe and accurate operation.

    Ø According to the number of temperature control objects, production scheduling, and temperature control accuracy, we can provide various combinations of temperature control units such as no plate change, single plate change, double plate change, electric heating, buffertank, no buffer tank, single medium, multi medium, etc..

    Ø According to the customer's plant layoutand control requirements, the temperature control units can be controlled individually or integratedly.

    Ø Precise temperature control (± 0.2 ° C), liquid level alarm and other functions.

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