Purified Water Preparation System

TRUKING along with expertise of its wholly owned subsidiary Water town produces Ultra-pure water systems for pharmaceutical, and food industries. TRUKING water system series ensure high quality water product with minimum utility consumptions. Being an Technology leader in Aseptic processing, TRUKING ensures its Water treatment units for highly purified water complying to strictest of regulatory as pharmacopeia, GAMP, cGMP and FDA etc.

    Ø Modular designed compact skids with online RO-EDI mounting, state of art component selection fromTRUKING.

    Ø Tankless design significantly reducing risk of microbial growth.

    Ø Block valves meets zero deadlag requirement to match customer demands.

    Ø Automatic capacity adjustment depending on peak load ensures efficient utility consumptions.

    Ø Completely customize skidsbased on raw water report from customer.

    Ø Industrial PC control with state of art features for Audit trail, data integrity, Graphical debugging and remote access complying with latest 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

    Ø Efficient system to make recovery rate of system over 92%.

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