Hot Press Distilled Water Unit

    Ø The quality of water product is excellent, which is far higher than the domestic standard of multi-effect distilled water machine. Endotoxin can stand for challenge test.

    Ø It is free from the supervision regulation on safety technology for stationary pressure vessel and ASME pressure vessel.

    Ø Raw water utilization up to 92%.

    Ø Compared with the multi-effect distilledwater machine, the unit output is 50% higher. With the heat recovery module, it can save more than 70% energy.

    Ø The modular layout of the system isconvenient for installation and relocation.

    Ø Unique modular design complying with latest regulatory requirement of GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc. Unit is designed with nodead angles to avoid micro biological contamination.

    Ø No cooling water consumption, because the whole machine achieves 40 ℃water output in the water production stage.

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