Vertical Ultrasonic Washing Machine

TRUKING has developed a range of washing machine to caterwide range of pharmaceutical containers such as vials, Ampoules, glass bottles,cartridge etc.. Being a technology leader in aseptic fill finish lines, TRUKING brings its expertise for designing efficient washing machines for wet & drycleaning coupled with very efficient Ultra sonic cleanser. Our unique cleaning machines are designed as per strictest regulatory in pharmaceutical such asGAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

    Ø IPC (Industrial PC) control cleaning machines with Audit trail, data integrity and related features under 21 CFR part 11 compliance, Graphical troubleshooting and remote bugging functions as standard.

    Ø CNC integrated design ensures perfect coupling between machine parts,minimize bottle breakage and increases production capacity. Compact foot print design and whole cleaning process can be seen through transparent cover.

    Ø Efficient use of utilities and innovative fine washing station for WFI rinsing is kept separate from other process stations.

    Ø All collection tanks are designed to meet sanitary requirements and have unique features for easy maintenance and have no dead angles to comply with pharmacopeia.

    Ø TRUKING’s unique design keeps harmful vapors away from transmission system of cleaning machine, thereby ensuring long life and zero contamination with cleaning process.

    Ø Design incorporate dedicated nozzles for different media used in cleaning process to avoid cross contamination.

    Ø To comply with latest regulations, TRUKING has developed unique process for Auto cleaning of all pipes inside the cleaning machine. Compressed air is flushed in all piping automatically ensuring no residual cleaning media after the batch.

    Ø Unique design of clamping ensures reduction in change parts and tool less changeover.

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