Sterilizing & Drying Tunnel

TRUKING has developed innovative range of Depyrogenization equipment for its aseptic fill finish lines. The tunnel employs unique removal of pyrogens in shortest time there by getting desired logarithmic reduction using minimum utilities. Being a Technology leader in Aseptic processing TRUKING ensures reproducibility and compliance to strictest regulatory as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

    Ø TRUKING employes its expertise in sterilization with its sate of art Tunnel design for optimum pyrogen removal in validated time interval. Adequate pressure differential is maintained between zones with reference to the cleanroom.

    Ø Excellent Machine design air auto balancing system and unique flow sharing technology to ensure laminarity and temperature distributions. TRUKING holds multiple PCT international patents for superior design features.

    Ø TRUKING adopts unique loading system for HEPA, which ensure nofilter paper of related pollutants can enter the chamber and create contamination, this unique design is achieved by Negative pressure diversion technology.

    Ø Tunnel Adopts unique CNC design mesh belt ensuring long life and have state of art Auto wash in place feature, ensuring cleaning of mesh conveyor belt automatically.

    Ø Machine equipped with state of art features such as SIP ofcooling zone, unique water cooling of blower bearing etc.

    Ø IPC (Industrial PC) control cleaning machines with Audit trail,data integrity and related features under 21 CFR part 11 compliance, Graphical trouble shooting and remote bugging functions as standard.

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