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Our Philosophy stands for Innovation, Quality and Service excellence. With 20+ years of expertise, TRUKING has become one of the leading Pharmaceutical & Medical process solution provider to the global market. Starting with aseptic fill finish injectable lines, TRUKING has evolved itself into a comprehensive Turnkey one stop solution provider with in house fabrication under one roof in TRUKING Industrial Park. TRUKING is A-rated listed company with several group holdings. TRUKING brand Umbrella includes -TRUKING Watertown, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Designs, TRUKING Feiyun, TRUKING Robotic Divisions and TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology (ChangSha). TRUKING’s strength is at 3000+ employees, of which more than 700 are R & D team. With company valued at 4.5 billion Chinese yuan. TRUKING together with its holding groups in 2017 acquired Germany based Romaco group at deal value of 1.1 billion Chinese yuan. Romaco is undergoing a major asset restructuring and will become a wholly owned subsidiary of TRUKING ever after.

Achieving Customer satisfaction through Innovation is more than simply meeting expectations of our customers. Our Solutions ensure meeting challenges of future through our R & D and innovative tailoring. TRUKING is planning its future Operational headquarter in Germany and will have three state of art R & D centers - Germany Technology Institute, Changsha Central Technology Institute and Shanghai Technology Institute. TRUKING has established national research Centre with PHD scholars and academics, having filed for 3298 National Patents and 1967 athorized patents, and 35 PCT international patents applications were filed and 17 patent athorizations were obtained in USA, Germany, Russia, India and Republic of Korea by 7 Sep 2020. Products have been exported to Asia, Europe, South America and the former Soviet Union etc., covering over 60 countries and regions. The international market share is increasing rapidly year by year.

While adhering to the well-established business areas, TRUKING has marched into the high-end biopharmaceutical equipment and medical robots sectors with high-profile movements, under the strategy of comprehensive health. TRUKING promotes the synchronized development of pharmaceutical and medical equipment, to compete in the top international market.

TRUKING believes “Persistence makes excellence”, sticks to the core value to “Be a respected person, make quality products and run a prestigious company”, and is trained with the discipline to “value customers’ voices, treat dedicated employees as a solid foundation, and work under the driving forces of goal, responsibility and good results”. TRUKING strives to become one of the leading pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers globally and to equip global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with intelligent wings.


R&D Team 1000+


Cooperative Clients 2600+


Sold to 60+ countries and regions


Issued Patents 1967



Development history
  • 2000

    Starting as Changsha Packaging Machinery Co., LTD., TRUKING was born humble in a cowshed but managed to grow step by step towards today’s bullmarket.

  • 2001

    TRUKING signed a red-headed document to remove nepotismemployment related to senior executives and shareholders step by step for ahealthy, harmonious, and simple labor relationship in the company, since when TRUKING launched its talent program of “All Corners around the World”.

  • 2002

    TRUKING tapped into global market with its first export toIndonesia.

  • 2003

    The first phase of TRUKING Industrial Park, covering an area of about 53300 m2, started construction in Ningxiang, Changsha, China. All the Trukingers and the builders worked hard with joint efforts to build a brand new "home".

  • 2004

    The first phase of TRUKING Industrial Park was completed and put into service. TRUKING has ended the hermit life in the cowshed to truly own its world. From this day on, TRUKING continues to rise with sun.

  • 2005

    The SRD3000 soft bag line was successfully handed over. A series of “TRUKING crazy actions” like “one million package for expert”, “300K package for senior blue-collar” ignited the speed and passion of new product and technology development of Trukingers.

  • 2006

    After seizing the market of Russia and Vietnam, TRUKING successfully entered Bangladesh. The overall international market strategy waschanged from early stage into targeting priority markets. Since then, TRUKING hasbeen roaring ahead in the international market. Up to now, it has covered over 30countries and region.

  • 2007

    TRUKING received commendation from the local government for it stax contribution for the first time to exceed 50 million Chinese yuan by the time of the first half of 2007. Ever since the day of establishment, TRUKING set two rules: never delay employees’ salary; and never evade taxes. Because ofgood business integrity, TRUKING has stood tests in all aspects.

  • 2008

    The President, Mr. Tang Yue, was honored with “Hunan's Top TenOutstanding Economic Figures”, bringing TRUKING into the rank of excellentprivate enterprises in Hunan province, and a step closer to Mr. Tang Yue’s vision“to establish an international consortium of science, industry and trade withlifetime energy”.

  • 2009

    10 industry standards that TRUKING participated indrafting and revising were approved for release and implementation.

    The second phase of TRUKING Industrial Park,covering an area of 67000 m2, was started and completed in thefollowing year.

  • 2010

    TRUKING organized and established the State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Center, accelerating the cooperation with colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and the introduction of technical talents. Innovation achievements constantly emerge.

    The company successfully completed the share holding system reform. TRUKING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established and listed, to officially launch the IPO procedures.

  • 2011

    TRUKING was granted with the National May Day Award.

    Otsuka from Japan carried out FAT jointly with TRUKING for a SRD series non-PVC soft-bag line symbolizing TRUKING’s SRD series non-PVC soft-bag line formally marching into the international high-end market.

  • 2012

    After years of studying, practicing andinnovation, TRUKING was granted with Governor’s Quality Award of Hunan Province,interpreting again the spirit of "persistence makes excellence".

    TRUKING’s IPO was approved by the CSRC, going public.

  • 2013

    The third phase of TRUKING Industrial Park with600 million Chinese yuan estimated investment started and scheduled to finishin 2 years, to expand TRUKING strategically.

    TRUKING Post-doctoral Scientific Research Working Stationwas officially unveiled.

    Shanghai Institute of Technology was established,strengthening the scientific research capability of TRUKING.

  • 2014

    TRUKING landed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stockcode: 300358).

    After more than 5 years of hard work, TRUKING finallyentered the fast lane of the capital market.

    TRUKING Academician Expert Work station was listed,and Academician Gui Weihua of the Chinese Academy of Engineering joined the station.

    The acquisition of Changchun WATERTOWN startedonly four months after the successful IPO.

  • 2015

    TRUKING implemented the first round of equityincentive plan and granted 11.4352 million restricted shares to 435 equityincentive objects.

    TRUKING took over100% shares of Sichuan PharmaceuticalDesign Institute, which accelerated the strategy of “one vertical(one completeproduct chain in injectables)”, “one horizontal(one complete product chaincovering main dosage forms)”and “one platform (providing smart pharmaceuticalworkshop by industrial 4.0)”.

  • 2016

    The 1st world-class made-in-Chinaintelligent robot for pharmaceutical aseptic production came off the assemblyline successfully, which is an important symbol of successful productintelligence in TRUKING intelligent pharmaceutical factory strategy.

    We launched the "Benchmark HUAWEI, EmbraceChange" initiative to promote management innovation and system innovationto adapt to the new requirements of internationalization.

  • 2017

    TRUKING employs Ms. Luo Jing, the top female mountaineers in China, as the first spokesperson to integrate the climbing spirit into the corporate culture.

    TRUKING, together with its controlling shareholderTRUKING Investment, invested more than 1.1 billion Chinese yuan to acquire theworld-renowned pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer ROMACO Group of Germany.

  • 2018

    TRUING employed the famous German scientist, the innovative pioneer and technical expert in the world pharmaceutical field, and the inventor and founder of pelleting and coating technology, Mr. Hebert Huettlin, as the spokesman of TRUKING's business and development theme "innovation".
    TRUKING was awarded with the National Award for Science and Technology Progress of 2017. It broke the technology monopoly, generated significant economic and social benefits, and promoted the scientific and technological progress of the industry.

  • 2019

    The first laboratory of ROMACO Group in China-ROMACO(China) Solids Process Center unveiled in TRUKING. ROMACO officially transfers the production and assembly of some of its equipment to TRUKING.

  • 2020

    Sprinting to the goal of 10-billion turnover and the ambition of being the global pharmaceutical industry leader, we initiated the construction of the fourth phase project which occupies an area of 9.5 ha.

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