Lab Freeze Dryer
Laboratory freeze dryers

TRUKING laboratory freeze dryers are specially designed to meet requirement of research and development phase of product development. TRUKING lab series freeze dryers are equipped with unique features to assist researchers in making efficient product study and recipes which can be easily scaled up in production scale machines.

TRUKING freeze drying units are equipped with state of art features to match dynamic market demands complying to strictest of regulatory requirements as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

Apart from state of art features in Lab scale freeze dryers, TRUKING also assist its customers in recipe development, product analysis, minimizing batch risk and assistance is provided to extrapolate recopies for production scale machines.

    Ø Microscopic Analysis

    TRUKING innovative Laboratory freeze dryer series can be equipped with Industrial microscope to closely monitor process while designing recipes, this enable researchers to get real time feedback of product behavior.

    Ø Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

    TRUKINGL aboratory freeze dryers can be equipped with DSC system to closely monitor complex phase change of solvent in two parts physical status and structure of Freeze drying solution. DSC enable researcher to see changes in physical statusof product on time and temperature scale. It play’s crucial role in shortening cycle time and developments of new dosage forms.

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