Drops and Sprays Filling System
Drops and sprays filling system

It is mainly used for filling and sealing of drops, sprays, essential oils and other products in pharmaceutical factories. It can automatically complete bottle feeding, filling, stoppering, capping, cup placing and other procedures. TRUKING can provide gap structure and continuous type filling and sealing machine

    Ø It realizes linkage running through CAM and other transmission mechanism, with accurate positioning and stable movement coordination.

    Ø It can choose various filling methods such as rotary valve ceramic pump, ceramic plunger pumps, peristaltic pump, and time pressure method.

    Ø Adopts vacuum to suck stoppers and caps.

    Ø To rquecan be set and adjusted for cap rotating.

    Ø Optional Nitrogen charging filling system.

    Ø Optional online sampling weighing system.

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