Soft Bag
Non-PVC Film Large Infusion Compact Line

TRUKING’s innovative range of non-pvc soft bag infusion line offers high capacity production with excellent strength in soft bad with minimum material wastage.

Being atechnology leader in aseptic fill finish lines, TRUKING ensures eco friendly packaging alternative to Industry complying to strictest of regulatory as GAMP,cGMP,FDA etc.

    Ø Line adopts linear orientation with bench mounted design forconvenient operation and maintenance.

    Ø Wide range of sizes are suitable on line 50-3000ml infusion softbag production with minimum change parts and change over time.

    Ø Efficient PID temperature control for efficient utility consumption.

    Ø Modular design for Printing, Bag making cylinders connected by floating joints to extend service life and to ensure long life of formats.

    Ø TRUKING employsvery high quality TRUKING-patented Molds for efficient bag forming and minimummaterial wastage.

    Ø TRUKING Employsmass flow meter technology for filling to achieve excellent accuracy and the machineis equipped with state of art features of online CIP/SIP.

    Ø With One-to-oneinterface preheating and welding technology, the machine is suitable fordifferent manufacturers interface to ensure welding quality.  The leakage rate can reach minimum level.

    Ø Machine employs servo control to meet the high-precision and high-speed requirements.The servo motor drives the timing belt, the film and the filling head, the cylinder drive welding head, the heating plate, etc. The structure is simpleand reliable, and the operation is simple and the maintenance cost is low.

    Ø Industrial PCcontrol with state of art features for Audit trail, data integrity, Graphical debugging and remote access complying with latest 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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