TRUKING Flextron Series Nest Fillers

TRUKING innovative Nest filling machines are used in wide range of application. These units are excellent choices for ready–to-use applications for Vials, PFS &Cartridges. Being a Technology leader in aseptic fill finish lines, TRUKING has designed highly flexible system with state of art features complying tostrictest of regulatory compliance like GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

TRUKING Nest filling unit can incorporate with fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation units with latest features to match dynamic market demands. Ready-to-use application reduces dependencies on bulk procurement and significantly reduces floor plan. TRUKING Provide combination system for nested packaging with excellent results and can make system truly flexible for using multiple format type in same machine type.

Automatic series of TRUKING Nest fillers include automatic de-bagging, Auto tyvec removal, auto seal paper removal further coupled with filling and stoppering operation using vacuum to ensure more marketable bubble free end product to generate premiums for our customers.

    Ø Fully Servo and Robotic futuristic design ensuring high through put with minimum breakage and vibrations.

    Ø TRUKING highly flexible Flextron series enable wide range offormat filling – Vials, PFS & Cartridge in one filling unit. High capacity upto 36,000 units/hour.

    Ø TRUKING Offers In-house containment levels for filling units up toOEL 5, offering customized O-RABS,  C-RABS and Isolators for integration under one roof ensuring optimum performance.

    Ø Industrial PC control with state of art features for Audit trail,data integrity, Graphical debugging and remote access complying with latest 21CFR Part 11 compliance.

    Ø TRUKING Adopts compact foot print design with modular customization to match customer floor plan and to save cleanroom space.

    Ø Excellent high accuracy dosing system offering from Volumetric toPeristaltic pumps ensures high dosing accuracy ± 0.5%-± 1% with automatic dose adjustment and feedback from HMI.

    Ø Machine adopts superior SS 316L product contact design to ensure cleaning and no dead angles.

    Ø Online CIP & SIP function.

    Ø In house production of OEL 5 containment for C-RABS &Isolator, made under one roof ensuring optimum leak rates for flawless performance.

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