Vacuum Belt Dryer Series

The vacuum belt dryer is vacuum drying equipment dedicated to the continuous feeding and continuous discharging of traditional Chinese medicine extracts. The whole machine includes feeding system, hostsystem (including heating system and cooling system), and discharging system, Vacuum system, CIP system and control system, etc. The traditional Chinese medicine extract is transported to the feeding system by a screw pump, and isevenly distributed on the conveyor belt. It enters from one end of the dryer, after heating and cooling, the dried product is peeled off from the conveyor belt at the other end and collected after coarse crushing.

    Ø Feeding by screw pump, to avoid bubbles during the feeding process, and to add materials smoothly.
    Ø Adopts frequency conversion to control the amount of feed to avoid excessive bubbles.
    Ø The frequency conversion control of the distribution system makes the material distribution more uniform, and each layer ensures a synchronous drying effect.
    Ø Heat exchange plate baffle design and internal circulation of heat exchange medium to ensure uniform temperature distribution on the plate surface.
    Ø Correction technology to improve the stability of operation.
    Ø CIP online partition cleaning to ensure cleaning effect.
    Ø Automation, Channelization and continuous for the complete process.
    Ø Realize continuous feeding and continuous discharging under vacuum conditions.
    Ø Complete drying, crushing and granulation under vacuum conditions.

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