TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology (ChangSha) Co., Ltd

TRUKING Ingenuity Biotechnology (ChangSha) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as TRUKING Ingenuity) is a holding subsidiary of TRUKING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Co-founded by Hunan United Ingenuity Technology Co., Ltd, TRUKING Ingenuity positions itself as a comprehensive separation and purification solution provider for the global biopharmaceutical enterprises. It is located at the TRUKING Industrial Park in Ningxiang City, Hunan Province, China.

The core team of TRUKING Ingenuity originated from China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), later was introduced in with international top talents from MILLIPORE and GE, and at the same time cooperated on technology and products with JNC Corporation by jointly establish the China-Japan Technology Cooperation Process Lab. TRUKING Ingenuity the earliest professional manufacturer of the separation and purification equipment of biological macromolecules in China. By now, TRUKING Ingenuity has enriched its product matrix to cover separation & purification, ultrafiltration, and online dosing for labs from pilots to large-scale production. Process and auxiliary process development guidance is also available whenever the customer needs.

So far, TRUKING Ingenuity has established cooperation with hundreds of companies home and abroad, with its products exported to many countries like Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Cambodia, etc. The reliability, safety, stability, and convenience to use have been well recognized by our customers.

TRUKING Ingenuity adheres to the core value of TRUKING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED that “Be a respected person, make quality products and run a prestigious company”, and the operation principle of “Value customers voices, treat dedicated employees as a solid foundation, and work under the driving forces of goal, responsibility and good results”. Furthermore, TRUKING Ingenuity sticks to its own philosophy of “innovation, responsibility, and sharing”. Through independent innovation, TRUKING Ingenuity aims to stimulate the domestic biological and pharmaceutical equipment development, and to help our customer reduce filler wastage at R & D and manufacturing, improve filler utilization efficiency, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, ensure data integrity and traceability, and ensure products quality, so as to add value for our customers.


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