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Jun 08, 2020

α- ALUS:A Groundbreaking Futuristic Automatic Loading & Unloading System for Freeze Dryer

Since the 1980s, it has been a basic pharmaceutical processing requirement for the freeze dryer loading & unloading system to have minimum contamination risk. The half stoppered vials have to be transferred to the freeze dryer and further to the capping machine in the most efficient and risk-free manner. There is so far the ALUS type system in the market, including stationary system and movable transfer carts (AGV’s & RGV’s)

The stationary loading & unloading system is relatively faster, less risk, optimized in layout and easier to validate, and therefore is widely adopted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Industry Bottleneck

The fast and widely changing pharmaceutical landscape demands flexibility in the aseptic processing of freeze-drying. Pharmaceutical equipment has to be constantly developed to remain compliance with the strict regulations and to optimize the operation cost.

Questions as below are the guidance to realize the above purpose:

1. How to handle huge quantity of bottles/trays so as to meet the market demand?

2. How to minimize the clean room area and the obstruction caused by the front pusher of automatic loading & unloading system?

3. How to ensure the aseptic validation of the pusher bellows?

4. How to realize zero risk while maintaining the laminar flow in the pusher station area?

5. How to avoid contamination risk at the pusher zone between A and B grade?

Now, we present you such an excellent solution as our innovative α-ALUS automatic loading & unloading system for the freeze dryer, with the answer to all the above questions.

Being the technology leader in the aseptic process, TRUKING has already an extensive portfolio covering lab to industrial scale freeze dryers, with automatic loading & unloading system for vials, trays, Rail Guided Vehicles (RGV), and API in pharmaceutical and food industries. Now, TRUKING has launched its latest innovation of α-ALUS automatic loading & unloading system.

You will be astonished by the following unique features of our α-ALUS series automatic loading & unloading system:

Ø Flexible layout with zero obstruction in the pass-way in front of the machine, reducing 70% of the B-grade room, and providing easy access for the process monitoring.

Ø High performance with loading & unloading speed up to 600 vials/ minute, and with excellent double pusher design to realize row by row stacking and counting.

Ø Excellent design with no bellows for the front pusher, enabling the contained operation with laminar flow of the isolator to fit for OEL 5.

Ø State of art ISA 88 framework with OEE data tools for diagnosis and alarms with control on Mobile Apps. Siemens C/S or B/S centralization system.

Ø Ergonomic design complying with the strictest of regulatory as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

TRUKING α-ALUS automatic loading & unloading system is a groundbreaking technology. Coupled with our LYOTK series freeze dryers, TRUKING provides our customers with high performance medium and large scale lab intelligent feeding system, a pragmatic solution for the future.

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