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Jul 08, 2020

PPL12 Plunger rod labeling machine

PPL12 Plunger rod labeling machine adopts a full servo manipulator to take the disc, the robot group to grab the pre-filled syringe body, the starwheel to fed the syringe body automatically, and the rotating host to load the pre-filled needle body and push rod synchronously and automatically. Then the label is labeled with high speed and high precision. After the push rod is tightened, automatic unloading and detection can be realized. It is one of the most reliable equipment for highly automated PFS plunger rod labeling.


1. Production capacity: 200 pieces/min (calculated with 1ml pre-filled syringe);

2. Syringe specification range: 0.5ml to 20ml;

3. Syringe length range: ≤115mm;

4. Push rod length range: 37mm~140mm;

5. Adaptation range of syringe diameter: 6.8mm~26mm;

6. The minimum distance between the push rod cap and the bottle mouth after plugging: 18mm;

7. The cam controls and completes the actions of withdrawing the rod, pressing the rod, screwing the rod, labeling, etc., all stable and reliable;

8. The withdrawing and lever pressing devices are the core component controlled by the rotating rod. The floating indenter is set on the top of the push rod to realize the flexible screwing.

9. The rotating rod parts are controlled by servo, and the strength of the rotating rod can be adjusted by flexibly setting the rotation speed of the turntable to prevent excessive twisting;

10. The speed and intensity of the rotating rod can be adjusted by changing the speed of the servo motor;

11. Equipped with quick-release device of specification parts, which is convenient for quick mold replacement;

12. The labeling head of the labeling system can use domestic Lebal or German HERMA to ensure high-speed and accurate labeling.

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