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Jul 17, 2020

DPP series Blister Machine for Pre-filled Syringe

The DPP series blister machine for the pre-filled syringe (here in after referred to as the blister machine) offers three models as 350C, 380, and 600, all of which feeding the pre-filled syringes horizontally into the plastic trays. After plunger rod insertion and labeling, the pre-filled syringes are grabbed by the robots, put into the PVC blisters, laminated, and then cut into blister packed products. The blister machine is a highly automated packaging machine able to conduct forming, feeding, lamination, cutting, inspection, rejection and many other processes, to fully satisfy your demands for blister packaging of pre-filled syringe products.


1. Applications: plastic tray packaging for pre-filled syringes, ampoules, vials, oral liquid and other glass bottles;

2. Uniqueness: feeding after rigid PVC sheet is formed and cut;

3. Cutting frequency: 40-50 times / min;

4. Capacity: 160-200 trays / min (calculate at 4 trays per a mold);

5. Max forming area and depth: 230 mm X 370 mm X 26 mm;

6. Mold cooling: air-cooled chiller, power 1.36kw, water tank volume 40L;

7. Packaging material: rigid PVC sheet for solid medicine with thickness of 03~0.45 mm; PET/PE/EVA composite membranes with thickness of 0.02~0.057 mm;

8. Through pre-heating, the temperature can be increased to 110~135 ℃ and the temperature deviation can be controlled ±5℃ by PID;

9. The pre-heating distance is 3 time of the mold length, so that the membrane will be preheated 3 times to reach the best soften temperature for molding before forming, ensuring the best;

10. Servo motor with a precise reducer from Taiwan is placed between the forming and cutting section as the drive source to prevent the overstretching of PVC membrane and to increase the stability of stretching;

11. Adopt the latest reamer to change the traditional treatment of PVC waste, to reduce labor intensity and to increase the overall productivity;

12. Driven by the servo electronic cam, the upper and lower molds of the cutting section are coupled to increase the cutting efficiency and to guarantee the precision and stability.

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