Nitrogen generator

The high-puritynitrogen generator QCN is suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, water injection, powder injection, large infusion drugs, and biochemical andisolation transportation nitrogen supply equipment. It mainly consists of three systems: compressed air after treatment system, PSA pressure swing adsorption system and gas precision filtration sterilization system.

    Ø The purity of nitrogen is above 99.999%, no heat source and falling aseptic, meeting GMP production requirements of the international pharmaceutical industry.
    Ø Adopts the latest international PSA nitrogen production process, all stainless steel highly polished treatment and unique absorber structure design to ensure the production of high purity nitrogen (higher than the international oxygen-free requirements).
    Ø Adopts international famous brand devices to ensure the service life of the system;
    Ø Adopts PLC program controller and P860-5N analyzer of German Siemens. The new generation of the entire system is under PLC automatic control and monitoring, which can be implemented unattended. (It can design the man-machine interface operating system according to user requirements, adopt PLC programmable, transmitter conversion digital design, can dynamically display various technical parameters, and automatic switching monitoring in real-time).

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